While you are playing the league of legend game, you can get know about your MR normal, low and high points by determining the LP gain or loss. The LP is the league points that are occurring while playing the league of legend game so that it will be very much easier of the players in order to play the game and to get know about the MMR that is the match making ranking pint of normal, low and high.

Some of the points that the every players should know before you are going to get the points. They are as follows.

lol mmr eune

  • When the payer plays the league of legend game, then the LP point that is league points should be equal to the 17 to 20 so that your MMR that is match making ranking will be normal in rate in the league that you play. All the players who are all playing the league of legend (LOL) should be using the LP points in order to know about the games.
  • When the LP points are equal to the 22 to 44 and more than that, then the MMR is higher than the current league game point. Do you know about the jump over division promotion then it is also important for the league of legend players to get know about it. That is when the LP (league points) is more than 30 plus then the point will be like jump over division.
  • And, when the league points (LP) is equal to 14 to 17 then the MMR is consider as below to the current league point.

Make note that when your league point (lp) is gain is less than the point 14, then your match making ranking is hell. Then it will be definitely getting hard for the players in order to get the usual LP points. Get info about theĀ lol mmr eune to know how the LOL is making the raking in league games. Know more about the LP point and the MMR ranking point before you are going to play the league of legend game.